Advocacy Service

The Advocacy Service at Mary Seacole House primarily provides support to ensure the needs of BAMER (Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic and Refugee) individuals are meet within mental, social and health care systems, while encouraging self-advocacy and to challenge inappropriate treatment and practices.

Mary Seacole House provides a one-to-one, issue-based advocacy service to support people navigating mental, health and social care systems, with the aim of promoting the individual’s health and wellbeing. Our service is designed to ensure the rights of the individual are upheld and to encourage service users to make informed choices. Individuals will have the opportunity to explore the options available to them in relation to their health and wellbeing. We strive to make sure that the individual’s choices are both represented and respected by professionals. We focus on raising awareness to professionals in the mental, health and social care systems of the needs of BAMER individuals and communities.

At Mary Seacole House we view the service user as a valuable individual, who defines themselves as people, rather than someone who needs to be fixed. A substantial amount of our work is aimed at challenging the predominant way of thinking. We also challenge inappropriate practices and treatment.

We provide:

    • Support to individuals, across Liverpool, aged eighteen or over, who have an issue impacting their mental health.
    • Services that develop the confidence of individuals experiencing mental distress by informing each individual of their rights and assisting them in exploring options available.
    • Encouragement to individuals with the aim of empowering people through self-advocacy to be able to challenge unacceptable practice.
    • Assistance within health and social care systems with the aim of making sure that your wishes are respected by both professionals and services.
    • Help in accessing appropriate services and to lodge feedback and raise complaints.
    • Awareness raising to Health and Social Care professionals and to those in the voluntary and private care sector of the needs BAMER individuals and communities.
    • Training to both service users and professionals on our Peer Advocacy Training Programme with certification.

To access this service please fill out a referral form via our Get Support page or for more information you can contact us on: 0151 707 0319 |