About us

Mary Seacole House is a mental health resource service set up to offer support and advice in emotional and practical matters, primarily for the black and racial minorities of Liverpool 8, however we work with all communities across Merseyside.

The centre was established by Granby Community Mental Health Group in 1991 and had its grand opening on 15th April 1991. The Granby Community Mental Health Group is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.

Mary Seacole House has maintained a track record of delivering services for over 25 years, which have been funded by Liverpool City Council.

Mary Seacole House is a place where people with diverse social and cultural backgrounds can come together in a non-oppressive environment.  Staff will offer support, advice and guidance in both practical and emotional matters.

The organisation endeavours to address the needs of culturally diverse communities within Merseyside providing a community based service, which supports black people and enables people from culturally diverse communities to challenge inappropriate practices and treatment within the mental health system.

What We Hope To Achieve

To enable people living with or at risk of mental health issues from diverse social and cultural backgrounds to live the lives they choose.

Our Aims

To develop innovative interventions to support adults and young people who are living with a mental health issue to improve their confidence, optimism and to lead successful, fulfilling and useful lives.

  • To provide a quality service and support for people and their families who are in the mental health system
  • Help and support service users to access appropriate specialist services by working in partnership with a range of other services
  • Support service user to stay safe and free from discrimination
  • Treat all people with dignity and empower them to live fulfilling and therefore independent lives

We are continually working to find new and innovative ways of developing the service, including working with partner agencies within the voluntary, social care; health and private sectors.  We welcome all support of our work from various sectors, individuals and groups.