Christmas Activities
Thanks to staff fundraising, our members thoroughly enjoyed lots of social activities over the festive period including our Big Christmas Celebration, Christmas Fun Day, Saturday Group meal out and Art Class Christmas Party. Fundraising monies paid for decorations, entertainment and food. Members, staff and volunteers thoroughly enjoyed our big Christmas evening celebration. We had a DJ providing a disco and a delicious Christmas dinner from Eat Up Good. We also had a volunteer photographer Nima who caught some brilliant moments for us, and lots of impressive dancing! Our Christmas fun day was enjoyed by all who attended including some professionals who wanted to learn more about are work, we had a big pan of scouse for lunch, lots of games and a fabulous raffle. Our Saturday Group enjoyed a fantastic lunch time meal out at Bon Pan Asian restaurant. Lastly our Art Class enjoyed buffet food and drinks around the big table, they had lost of laughs exchanging cards and well wishes for Christmas and the coming New Year.