Overview of Stress Control Courses

The Stress Control Course can teach you how to reduce and control your reaction to your current stress levels and will teach you better ways of handling common problems such as anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, poor sleep and panic attacks. We teach these techniques in six, 90 minute sessions (including a break).

How much does it cost? ITS FREE

Do I need a GP's referral? NO

Where? In venues across the city (see below)

How will it help me feel better? You will learn techniques to better deal with stress.

Stress Control is a class – not a group therapy – so you won’t have to talk about your problems in front of others.  You just sit back and learn some of the ways to control stress.  As stress is so common, there may be 50 + people at each session so you will be able to bring someone with you if you want.  They can give you a bit of support and it also gets that person on the same wavelength.


Each course will cover:

Week 1:  What is stress?

Week 2: Controlling your body

Week 3: Controlling your thoughts

Week 4: Controlling your actions

Week 5: Controlling panicky feelings and getting a good night’s sleep

Week 6: Wellbeing and controlling your future

We are currently recruiting for the following course:

Central Liverpool

Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BT

Running for six weeks starting on the following dates:

1 March 2017 (6pm)

**Please note, theses courses are not interactive and you will not be required to disclose any personal information**

We support BME Communities to access the Talk Liverpool service, for more information please contact:

Zorro Rudasumbwa
Engagement Development Coordinator
Mary Seacole House | 91 Upper Parliament Street | Liverpool | L8 7LB
Tel: 0151 707 0319 | Email:  zorro@maryseacolehouse.com

Alternatively contact Talk Liverpool directly on 0151 228 2300