Mary Jane Seacole

In her lifetime Mary Jane Grant Seacole became the most respected black woman in the British Empire. She was celebrated for the way in which she cared for the sick and wounded during the Crimean Wars. Born in Jamaica during slavery in 1805 of a Creole mother and a Scottish father she created her own role - centre stage - and in the heart of the battle.

"Auntie Seacole" or "the Mother of the Regiment" as she was known, risked her life on the frontline at the Siege of Sebastapol, caring for the casualties of the British Army. She saved thousands of men from the dangers of cholera, dysentery and jaundice. The soldiers loved her because of her ample medical knowledge and skills, together with her caring bedside manner. Granby Community Mental Health Group made her their patron in honour of those who continue to need her expertise and support. It was felt appropriate to name our centre after Mary Seacole and to acknowledge her rightful place in history.


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