Stress: are we coping?

We asked members…

Do you think people are coping better or worse now with the everyday stresses of life?

“I believe children are under mental health stress in this day and age due to technology i.e. smart phones & peer pressure.”

“As the society becomes more complicated, stress levels of the population has increased resulting in people having more mental health problems.”

“I can only speak for myself, I feel better since attending Mary Seacole House.”

“I think there is more stress in the world. Due to money, mortgages, health, crime.”

“Sometimes people cope with everyday stresses of life.”

“Worse in today’s life than in past, drugs, guns, knives, violence etc. has got worse.”

“Everyday stress of life is on the massive increase and people are far behind to coping with it, depending on every individual, things like job, financial, emotional and mental health are the major cause.”

What are the biggest issues people feel stressed about in your opinion?

“What others think about them.”

  • Rent/Mortgage problems
  • Cost of living – Bills/Food
  • Jobs are not as secure as in the past
  • Living on the breadline

“Money issues, paying bills, filling forms out etc.”

“Money, mortgages, health, crime.”

“Coping with their illnesses.”

“Finance, Jobless, drugs, crime, wealth i.e. hidden stress. Benefit issues etc.”

“Money, paying bills.”

“Emotional, financial, job, and when life is not taking people down the positive way in life. Also poor mental and physical health as well mostly government policies that effects people’s life.”

How do you manage your own stress levels, what do you do to relax?

“Dance and sing, laugh, mix with people who will lift my mood.”

  • Hobbies
  • Following small routines
  • MSH/Family/Mersey Care all help

“Read, watch movies, and go for walks.”

“Listen to music, relax in bath.”

“I try to relax by listening to music.”

“Trying help others with advice, making friends, take part in certain activities.”

“Listen to radio, go for a small walk round the street.”

“Get out a lot and listen to music a lot and watching movies with friends when I am free to.”

Is there one thing as a society you feel we could change to improve our way of life?

“Teach others to be less judgemental of self and others.”

“More social housing.”

“Help each other out.”

“That people have more respect for each other.”

“Bring stronger laws to cuts crimes will make us feel safer in public. Be kinder to people who suffer mental illness show more care & concern to all.”

“Being active.”

“Exercise, eating healthy and living healthy, music and spending less time on digital technology. More time outdoors activities.”


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