Members Open day (2nd September 2016)

Members Views and Feedback on Service Delivery from 2016

*Members answers are in Blue

Questions staff asked in the groups;

1) Do you feel confident with your key worker & MSH staff when discussing any issues that are negatively affecting your mental health and what could we do to improve the one to one support we offer?

“Sometimes feel bad asking for help staff are always very busy. It’s obvious how busy they are.”

We encourage members to contact their keyworker with any issues if and when they arise. We do operate on an appointment basis and ask members to follow this procedure. As well as weekly activities, keyworkers have their own case load of members who need one to one support, but please do not hesitate to contact us, we will always fit you in.

“Confident with all staff (holidays) can cause anxiousness designated point of contact when on leave.”

When your keyworker is on annual leave or bank holiday leave you should be aware of who to contact in an emergency. If you do not know then please contact your keyworker in advance to ask. We do explain to members around the Christmas period (when all staff are absent) of numbers to call/places to go if you are feeling unwell.

“Not all staff, and especially male issues a male support worker needed for certain issues.”

We can signpost members to other services that can help with male specific issues. We do have male advocates who are available to help with any issues impacting negatively on your mental health.

2) Do you prefer our events & fundraisers to be open for all or private for just members?

“Just members don’t mind speakers or other professionals coming to talk and mingle."

Where appropriate we invite professionals to give information on their services and in the past year we have made some new and exciting partnerships.

“Prefer it to be for members. It depends on what the event is for. If there are other people there ‘general public’, it means others can get knowledge and insights into what it is to have mental health difficulties.”

We do share our resources and information from our events with the public and update them through our website and social media.

3) Do you feel that we provide you with varied and useful information at coffee mornings, events & fundraisers?

“We feel the information, quizzes, bingo and raffles are good but especially the quizzes because you learn something new. Mental health information is good and we get information about expert services.”

Overall feedback was positive.

“Generally very good. There can be a bit of a mix up regarding times though. The text messaging service is very useful. It reminds you in case you have forgotten something. The information we get is excellent. They give you a good service.”

If ever you forget the time of an event or activity please see the notice board at Kuumba Imani or ask a member of Mary Seacole House Staff by telephone. We also share our events and activities through our website.

4) What changes would you make to improve our activities & training opportunities?

“I have attended most events and activities and I don’t think there is any improvements needed. The planning is great we get involved in deciding which activities to have. The timings have been great, I attended positive progress training and it was brilliant.”

Overall feedback was positive.

“Doing the max amount for the week, outside courses are good. Creative writing, I would like to do that. ESOL classes. Communication skills.”

Although we do not provide all of the activities that members would like to attend, we do know of other local groups/services who can offer them so please express your interest to your keyworker and ask them to enquire for you.

5) Do you believe MSH staff support your cultural needs and are competent in this area?

“The service is culturally sensitive, staff cater for everyone and consider their needs. They do a good job.”

Staff are continually offered support and training in cultural awareness, and we pride ourselves on being a place where people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds can come together in a non-oppressive environment.

“Staff are culturally trained well e.g. in cookery, they make sure halal meat is used.”

Overall feedback was positive.

6) Any other suggestions to improve the service?

“Other organisations we need more information about these services, need better outcomes for service user. More specialists services for filling forms etc. too out in the open at Kuumba.”

We are continually working with specialised services and supporting members to access these services. We are also offering feedback to services so that they can improve and achieve better outcomes.

“More cultural awareness events. Be the best that we can be. Learn more about us. Coach trips to happen.”

We now have a permanent yearly event called ‘Cultural Awareness Day’ where members can come together and learn about one another’s cultural differences. We also advise members of any cultural activities/events that arise throughout the year.

This year (2017) we are organising a day trip to Chester Zoo for members.

Feedback from the Evaluation Form in 2016_we scored overall 4 (very good)

Feedback given was Keep to the programme timings, better directions to the room, more time for shyer people to have their say, more dancing helped people to wake up and take part, less paper work more food.”

For 2018 members open day we will -

  • Try to stick to the programme timings although in some cases unavoidable events may arise and we will be sure to explain that the programme timings are there just as a guide.
  • Put suitable signage on walls to direct members to the correct room.
  • Extend the feedback timings and double check that everybody who wants to comment has done so.
  • Make sure that interval timings are appropriate and entertaining.

Any other comments

“Very informative, very friendly, lovely meal, keep up the good work, I love you.”

We would like to thank our members for their feedback and encourage them to express their opinions throughout the year at members meetings, through their keyworkers, etc.

If you would like to know more about our services please do get in touch.


We welcome any comments below.


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