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Dear Ladies,

I am writing to you with the assistance of my Senior Support Worker, I requested her help me with this letter as there are important things I want to say to you.

Anyone that knows me will say that in the last couple of years my life skills and communication have improved greatly. This is because I am helped with activities I enjoy and which serve to enrich my life.

A key part of this is my connection to Mary Seacole House and the people there. I dearly love to visit and take part in the chats, group events and activities. Lately I have been doing the Caribbean Dance Lessons, which I really enjoy. After each session I go home and show off my new steps to anyone who will watch. Dance and music are a major part of my life, so any new experiences contribute immensely to wellbeing.

The culture, people and simple pleasure offered by Mary Seacole House is now a fundamental part of my life. Each visit not only gives me joy whilst I am there, it fills my day by giving me things on which to recount, to talk about later and to show off my learned new skills. Day’s out with the ladies have also been a source of delight for me, with the kindness and care shown to me by the lovely people I meet.

My Senior Support Worker has helped me with this letter, she can write what I want to say and I can read what she has written. I can sum it all up…………

Love you all-

With fond wishes,

Mary Seacole House Member

Since April 2004

Written 11th August 2010


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