Members Views and Feedback on Service Delivery from 2015

Questions staff asked in the groups;

1. How do you feel about the activities that are on offer?

“Paying stops me from attending”

We are now a preventative service so you no longer have to pay the city council to attend activities.

“We need more activities don’t like doing the same thing every week”

We have improved the range of activities available to members by partnering with local community organisations such as; Liverpool Community Spirit – cultural cookery classes, WEA – science classes, Squash Nutrition – Friday lunch club etc.

2. Do you feel the organisation fully supports your mental health needs?

“Yes, makes me feel welcome, helps with people’s routine, helps people make friends, signposts and supports us to access relevant services”

Overall feedback was positive.

“Not happy, staff doesn’t know what they doing”

Since February 2015 staff have received training in; Mental Health Awareness, Equality & Diversity, Cultural Awareness, Understanding Psychosis, OCD, Depression etc.   We are constantly training & supporting staff to improve working practices and find new ways to better support members.

“Got to tell or ask for help”

We do not contact every member on a regular basis because we do not have the resources to do so, it is a member’s responsibility to contact MSH if they require support as outlined in our Engagement Notice (located on Kuumba Imani Centre Notice Board).

3. Are you happy with the support you receive from your key worker?

“Different student now and then doesn’t like it, keep changing all the time people get confused”

We have student social workers on placements throughout the year, this is because these students are studying social work and working with members at MSH benefits their studies and their experience of working with people. If you are unhappy with your keyworker you can call and ask to speak with Reihana Bashir (Operations Manager).

“Yes you can tell them anything, not sure who my keyworker is but im here all the time and can speak to any staff member”

Please call us and ask who your keyworker is if you are unsure, if you have a general query you can ask a member of reception staff.

4. Are there any areas of the services that you feel we could improve on?

“Health events, light exercise, Caribbean dancing”

We are continually improving the activities for members with their help and we also promote other services that are available to members e.g. Movema dance classes, Community Health Ambassadors Team - health events.

“To many members not enough staff, male keyworker for the men, men & womens group is good but there should be a male for men members to talk to”

We have now developed an assessment process so that we can be sure that we have the right resources to meet the person’s needs. When it comes to support we will always try to refer a person to the specialised service and support them with accessing that service. We do not have any vacancies at present to employ a male support worker, although we do have male advocates who can help with any issues impacting negatively on your mental health.

“Make it easier to become a member, I did not know we were open to everyone”

Please see above, also we are ‘primarily’ a BME mental health service, if we feel a person would benefit from another organisation/service e.g. not mental health problems... learning disability/physical disability/alcohol/drug problems we will signpost them on to appropriate services.

“Can we update Facebook more so I know about stuff?”

Vanessa (Assistant Administrator) manages our website, twitter and Facebook pages now and they are regularly updated. Please contact her if you have any queries.

5. Are there any other suggestions you would like to make?

“Something on a Friday – separate, to many people attending men & womens group”

We encourage members to attend Squash Nutrition for free lunch and social group every Friday. Please be aware that support staff need time for ‘one on one’ appointments with members and to complete admin work.

“More events, more guest speakers, more trips, more fundraising, bring back cooking, make sure everyone has a timetable of events”

We do our best to accommodate everybody’s suggestions but things take time to organise. We advertise outside organisations events & fundraising also. We now have culinary collaboration (cooking) on our activity timetable and if anybody would like a printed timetable just ask Vanessa (Assistant Administrator) or you can download online from our website and save to your mobile phone.

Feedback from the Evaluation Form in 2015_we scored overall 4 out of 5 (very good)

Feedback given was “The speakers needed to be louder. More people should have been told about the event. More questions should have been asked & it should have been on for longer”

For 2016 members open day we will inform speakers to be loud and clear. We will make every effort to notify all members of the open day and have mentioned it in July’s members meeting. We have amended the agenda so that we can ask one more question and have added one hour on to the event time.

February 8, 2017
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