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ATOS Medical Appointments

This is a brief summary for our members on ‘what an ATOS Medical is’ which we hope will relieve some anxiety and prepare you for the assessment. It is not an absolute guide, for more information please contact your local Job Centre Plus.

These assessments are to determine what you can do and which group you will be assigned to (see below) you can ask for a transcript of the assessment and you can appeal if you are unhappy with the decision made.

The assessor might generally observe your –

Appearance - How you take care of yourself; clothing, hygiene standards.

Behavior - How you act; nervous, eye contact, facial expressions, posture, walking/mobility, movements.

Mood - How your feelings match your behaviors for example, you say you feel happy but look upset.

Intellect - Measuring your attention span/concentration skills and how good your memory is.

Drug and alcohol use - Looking for signs of intoxication including pinpoint pupils, slurred speech and tremors.

You may be asked questions about –

Your illnesses / medication - How you manage and how it affects you.

Your typical day - Social life, hobbies, shopping, cooking, eating, housework, finances, reading, TV and internet, travelling (how you got to the assessment), personal care, exercise.

Continence - Whether you have any bladder/bowel problems and how this affects your life.

Variability - How your condition changes - good days and bad days.

Senses - Whether you have any problems with your vision/hearing.

It is important to remember that you must give a genuine picture of your life.

After the assessment you may be placed into either; the support group (you will not be expected to do anything in the support group although support is available around work if you want it) or the work-related activity group (You will be expected to attend interviews and activities to improve your future chances of working, e.g. CV writing, confidence building, Math and English skills if you choose not to attend it will affect your benefits).


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November 30, 2016
This is well needed information, and relieves my worries with reference to work and pensions assessments.

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